About us

We are the team of specialists with the extensive knowledge in IT Global Sourcing, IT Forward Sourcing, Volume Bundling , providing our services by entrusting Clients’ confidentiality and timely delivery of products and services with a focus on maximizing savings for the clients.

Majority of us has gained the experience working as IT Category Managers in different size of the  organizations . The experience built based on the exposure to many different organization as well as a strong IT technical background of our team helps to apply appropriate level of managed services fitted to different organization requirements and existing limitations.

Besides the knowledge of the industry standards operational procedures and market knowledge, we do have individuals working as the sourcing agents on the sites in Asia to facilitate the sourcing process with the Vendors from China, Taiwan and South Korea for the clients utilizing IT Forward Sourcing or conducting sourcing activities for IT hardware components.


Senesel IT Global Sourcing procurement consultants provide a wide range Procurement consulting services, this results in a revolution which transforms your business and differentiates you from your competition.

We blend our process expertise with deep category experience to drive extraordinary results with the short time payback period..