IT Sourcing for Technology/Solution providers

For the the small and medium size Technology and Solution providers who need to consider the addition of the outsourcing services or creating partnership for the purpose of securing the delivery of the technology and the final products to its customer, Senesel IT Sourcing Consultant Services will help to conduct all the necessary activities needed to secure the objective for the project or a long term road map by conducting a structured project type activities applying the common Strategic Procurement strategies to secure the objectives by covering the following areas:

Project Management

Large IT projects often go far over budget in terms of both cost and time, and many companies experience project failure or completely abandon projects due to poor implementation. Projects include changing vendors, tracking your wireless devices, and migrating to the Cloud or SaaS. When telecom consultants take charge, your large IT projects are more likely to meet implementation goals.


Sourcing solutions evaluate your current plans and compare them to bench-marked data and your future goals. Aligning your supply base whit your technology road map and the requirements of the upcoming project will help you to secure the timely deliveries and reduce the total cost of acquiring the services or the products to be incorporated in your projects

Joint Venture Business relationship

For companies delivering Telecom solutions, Coordinate the affords to create a meaning vendor partnership ventures for the purpose of the specific project or for a long term mutual benefit covering the specific technology areas to secure the technology know how and competitive advantage in the market with the technology solutions offered to your final clients.

Contract Negotiation

You don’t have to settle for whatever terms are offered in the contracts. Very often, you can leverage a better deal if you have inside knowledge of what kind of terms are being offered elsewhere in the industry. Few people understand the complicated pricing structures that can be applied to take a full advantage of the contracts.The consulting service has the deeper understanding of these issues and can help you negotiate a more favorable contract.