IT  Sourcing Consulting Services

We are the Experts in sourcing and setting up your hardware contracts , software licences and IT Services contracts.

Senesel IT Consulting Services will help to improve the effectiveness and transparency of your IT current sourcing processes while reducing time and efforts and the total cost of the ownership of the IT products and ITservices.

Senesel IT Sourcing is using a series of flexible, collaborative, and efficient methods for performing effective sourcing events of all types, including complex tender projects for the IT products or IT Services,acting as a liaison between your company and the potential technology providers to avoid the potential conflict of interest and maintaining the confidentiality in regards to the technology or strategic plans in regards to technology or products sourced.

Senesel IT Consulting Services provide well-structured processes built on best procurement practices. The full-service end to end sourcing approach includes help with every step, from determining the best suppliers to invite, to creating your RFx documents, performing the supplier communication, running the real-time event and evaluating results and generating the recommendation for our client’s consideration.

Expected outcome of the Consulting Services delivered:

  • Improved process compliance and transparency.
  • Reduction of the total cost of the ownership
  • Agreements prepared according to your Internal Standard Operation procedures and the best industry practices
  • Reduced administrative cost per agreement.
    improved organizational productivity and agility
  • Reduction of the total cost of the ownership

Our Expertise falls in the following areas:

IT Sourcing for Technology/Solution Providers

For the the small and medium size Technology and Solution providers who need to consider the addition of the outsourcing services or creating partnership for the purpose of securing the delivery of the technology and the final products to its customer.

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IT Hardware Sourcing

From the storage, servers or networking hardware devices, to desktops, tablets , audio and video equipment and other accessories we can source a hardware solution that helps you to meet your objectives in the most efficient way while providing the following:

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IT Software Sourcing

Leading Software Sourcing and support advice to ensure the software ad the Agreement models fit the purpose , meet your short and long term objectives and the Software products are optimized for the benefit of your organization.

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IT Managed Services

Our IT Sourcing Managed Services are aimed to support small and medium size companies which lack the expertise and resource to conduct the Sourcing activities to the standards assuring the deliveries, total cost of the ownership are optimal for the type of the planned engagements.

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Our Team

We are the team of specialists with the extensive knowledge in IT Global Sourcing, IT Forward Sourcing, Volume Bundling , providing our services by entrusting Clients’ confidentiality and timely delivery of products and services with a focus on maximizing savings for the clients.

Value  to our Customers

Senesel IT Global Sourcing procurement consultants provide a wide range Procurement consulting services, this results in a revolution which transforms your business and differentiates you from your competition.

We blend our process expertise with deep category experience to drive extraordinary results with the short time payback period..

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